Paper Goods


We work one-on-one with you to create unique, meaningful design for your wedding or event.

Because there’s nothing “custom” about picking a design out of a book and specifying colors and wording, each one of our designs are one-of-a-kind—designed to match your unique event and vision. By the end of the process, you’ll have a special piece of art that has and will never be used by anyone else!

Invitations are the face of your event.

They’re the first thing your guests see. They communicate the tone of your event, getting people excited and prepared for the big party. Make sure that what ends up on people’s fridges and in memory boxes is something you are proud of!


Flat Printing

Most of our clients opt for one of these flat printing methods. We’ll help you decide which is best for your project based on the design and paper being used.


The most common form of printing, offset allows us to print on a wide variety of beautiful papers with the best-looking results in flat printing.


Often less expensive than offset printing, digital printing can be a good money-saving option and still produce great results.

Fancy Printing


Hands-down the most beautiful and tactile form of printing, letterpress allows you to create heavenly, lush designs on some of the finest paper in the world. It’s by far the most expensive option for your invitations, but you and your guests will treasure them for years to come.

DIY Printing

If your budget doesn’t allow for professional printing, the most cost-effective option is to print them yourself on an ink jet or laser printer. This can be tricky and time-consuming, but we’re more than happy to offer advice on what paper, products and techniques work best.


Paper is the fun part! We’ll suggest the best paper based on your unique design and preferred printing method. You’ll be blown away by the options!


Whether you want something traditional or over-the-top unique, we’ll find a solution that will make your invitations stand out! The possibilities don’t end at flat cards in an envelope!


1) We talk

The most important part of the process is getting to know you. Because we want every new project to be as creative and personal as possible, we start by gathering information about you and your event. If it’s a wedding in your future, we’ll want to know every little detail about your color choices, flowers, venue, theme, attire, if your dog will be there, and all about your crazy Aunt Sally who will be speaking during the ceremony. Tell us everything! We’ll also discuss different formats, paper and printing options and give you an idea of what these costs might be.

If you’re in or near Austin, an in-person meeting is always best, but phone or video chat are great too. Once we have all of your project’s details, we will send you a proposal highlighting the individual costs.

2) Contract

Once you’ve approved the proposal and decided that we’re a good match, we’ll have you sign a contract with details of your project and collect a 50% deposit.

3) Concepts

You’ll fill out a creative brief to make sure we have all the information we need. We start by presenting two initial PDF concepts* via email. You give us your feedback, and we’ll make any necessary revisions until we get it right. (Three revisions allowed at no additional cost.)

* The initial concept design is typically the “main” element only. So if you’re requesting The Invitation Package for your wedding, we’ll start with the main invitation. The final design will then be used to create the other elements.

4) Design!

After we’ve established what the design will look like, we’ll create each individual piece of your package. You’ll approve each piece (two revisions allowed at no additional cost) until we’ve designed the complete package.

5) Approval

Before anything gets printed, we require that you approve all design and content with a written statement via email. It’s crucial that you check for spelling errors and confirm that all information is correct to avoid re-printing fees.

6) Print and Assemble

Once you’ve approved everything, it’s time to print! Each project will be printed based on the specs previously discussed, and the finished products will be delivered to the client ready for assembly. Because it can be complicated and time-consuming, we do offer assembly services at an additional cost.