Where to Go for Delightful and Affordable Mug Design in the UK

Mug design with pink half below with white writing "50% Mermaid" and top half white with pink writing "50% Unicorn"


Are you buying a gift for someone close to your heart? Are you struggling to even think of an appropriate present? We all have that someone in our lives who is the worst person to buy for. It’s usually your dad, or your grandparents or someone who wants for nothing. If a person has everything they need and everything they want, and they don’t have any significant hobbies that you could tie into their gift then it can be frustrating choosing a present. Luckily for the British, nearly everyone in the UK loves a cup of tea (or coffee), meaning a personalised mug is a classic gift that can’t go wrong. To learn where to go for delightful mug design that won’t break the bank, read on.

Mug design with humorous slogan for friends "Definitely an above average friend"

McLaggan Smith Mugs

McLaggan Smith Mugs, also known as MS Mugs, is a Scottish based company run by the McLaggan family since 1974. This award-winning business are the UK market leaders in the printing and decoration of bespoke and personalised bone china mugs. What makes MS Mugs so special is their broad stock range and their collaborations with some of the world’s best designers such as Orla Kiely and Sir Quentin Blake. The stock is regularly updated in order to keep a consistently fresh choice for customers.

Mug Design at MS Mugs

The designers working with MS Mugs are top of the range, providing witty, colourful, cute and iconic mugs that everyone can enjoy. All of the designs are screen printed and applied by hand before being fired up in traditional Scottish kilns. As a result, the mugs are of an extremely high quality. Adding to the printing process is the bone china mugs used at this renowned mug company. Bone china mugs are whiter than other are which allows the colours in the designs to appear brighter and sharper.

Mug design with pink background and a cartoon llama wiht "Drama Llama" written across the bottom.

Bespoke Designs

If there is nothing that takes your fancy from the eclectic collection at MS Mugs, you can opt for bespoke mug design. For over 40 years MS Mugs has produced high-quality mugs for customers who commission their own designs. Whether you have the entire artwork completely drawn out and ready to be printed or if you merely have an idea as to what you would like, this company can help you design your own mugs. Prices will of course vary depending on the design but you can use the simple quoting system on the company website. Delivery time for bespoke designs is 6-8 weeks however there is the option for a speedy service. If you are interested in this you should get in touch with the team directly.

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