Things To Do At Night In Edinburgh

Things To Do At Night In Edinburgh

Whether you are on vacation or just looking for a good place to spend the evening, Edinburgh has some great places to enjoy the night. From the Cauldron to the Arthur’s Seat, you will find plenty of things to do at night in Edinburgh. There are also plenty of Edinburgh nightclubs to visit on your stay to get the most out of your Scottish trip.

Camera Obscura/World Of Illusions

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is one of the city’s oldest tourist attractions. This 5-storey funhouse is filled with mind-bending illusions and a range of interactive exhibits. This attraction is great for kids, adults, and families. It features over 100 optical illusions and interactive environments.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is located on the west side of the Royal Mile, a stone’s throw from Edinburgh Castle. You can get there by bus from Edinburgh Waverley Station. This is a family-friendly attraction that is perfect for learning about the city.


Located on George Street, Lulu is a late-night nightclub with a classy vibe. It has comfortable seating areas and is located in a Georgian building. It features blue velvets and cut-glass lighting. You can also find a Saturday Night Fever style dance floor. The drinks menu will also be revamped.

Lulu is also home to a range of events, including a weekly club night. The Come Alive happenings feature musical classics.


Located on Frederick Street, Edinburgh, the Cauldron is one of the most magical bars in town. It’s a great place to sip a glass of whisky while you watch the world go by. You can even book a spellbinding 1hr 45 min cocktail master class!

In addition to a delicious cocktail, you can also indulge in traditional scones and desserts. The Cauldron also has a plethora of seasonal activities.

The Sixth Floor Roof Terrace

Located on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle is one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh at night. Its six floors are filled with attractions, optical tricks and golden lights. There’s a terrace at the back of the Kingdom of Scots gallery that offers stunning views of the city.

The Camera Obscura & World of Illusions is a family-friendly attraction located near the castle. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of interactive exhibits. Its ‘World’s First Virtual Reality Show’ uses Victorian technology. 

The Mill’s Mount Battery

Located at Edinburgh Castle, the Mill’s Mount battery is the home of the One O’Clock Gun, which is fired at one o’clock every bar Sunday. The weapon has been firing for over a century, and is a historic sight to see.

The One O’Clock Gun was originally designed to help ships in the Firth of Forth time their arrival. The idea was brought to Edinburgh from Paris by a businessman named John Hewitt. Today, the weapon is fired by a 105 mm field gun.

Arthur’s Seat

Taking a walk up Arthur’s Seat is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Scotland. There are several walking routes to get to the top. If you want to get a view of the city, consider visiting the Edinburgh City Observatory, which is free to enter. It includes a gift shop and a restaurant. There are also a number of telescopes on the roof to view the city.

Bespoke Coffee Mug For The Perfect Gift

Everyone appreciates the perfect coffee mug to enjoy your morning beverage. The mug you drink from really does matter when it comes to enjoying the perfect coffee. It is not uncommon to know a coffee lover and enthusiast who’s morning doesn’t start until they have sipped their brewed drink. Consider gifting a bespoke coffee mug for someone you care about, to make their morning’s just that little more special.

Why Gift A Coffee Mug?

More people are making their own coffees at home. Thanks to the lockdown during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people did not have the option to visit their favourite coffee chain or independent café to grab their routine drink. Therefore, more people were purchasing coffee makers, beans, syrups, and mugs to make their own! This also saved people money in the long term as they were not spending that extra £4 every day on their coffee, and instead making it themselves and taking it on the go.

Why Choose Bespoke?

Bespoke mugs are a great way of showing someone you care about them through a simple gift, that is personal to them. You can choose which size, shape, and colour you would like your mug to suit their preferences. Bespoke gifts are made to suit the consumer and their needs. Many retailers will give you full creative control and design your gift completely tailored to your desire.

Go Personal

When designing your recipient’s coffee mug, consider going the extra mile by personalising the gift. You can often ask the retailer to engrave or print a message on the base, inside, or handle for the person receiving the gift. You can make this message relevant to them, your relationship, or even in relation to the reason why you are gifting it (Christmas, birthdays, graduation etc).

High Quality Gift

Choosing a quality mug is important. You want the mug to be durable, visually appealing, and temperature resistant for hot beverages. If you are purchasing the gift for it to hold sentimental value, you want to ensure that it will last without cracking, the design fading, or discolouring. Ceramic is often the favoured material used to create cups and mugs as it is incredibly durable and resistant to breakage. Consider this when choosing the right coffee mug gift.


Even though a bespoke coffee mug is personal, high quality, long lasting etc. you can still find budget-friendly options. More online retailers are offering a range of mug designs, shapes, and sizes with a wallet friendly price tag. Even those who may be created by popular designers and artists are usually inexpensive.

Final Words

If you are on the hunt for a cost-friendly, but sentimental gift for that coffee enthusiast, bespoke coffee mugs are the way to go. With a range of options to choose from, you can be sure to find one to suit the person you are buying for. Let someone know just how much you care about them, and shop for bespoke mugs today.

Predictions for the future of TV – virtual reality and commercials that choose you

The Future Of Television

Television, which has been around for more than 90 years and was once available only to the elite, has become commonplace today. Not only that, television is now undergoing changes like never before, and they are fundamentally changing the entire market. On World Television Day, we invite you to look at the future of TV – when the TV knows what we want to watch when we wait for commercials, and we don’t need a helmet to immerse ourselves in virtual reality.

From the rich to the broad masses

The first regular TV broadcasts began in the United States in the 1928s. True, televisions were only available to the rich for several decades and only began to become cheaper after World War II. As the number of viewers grew, the time of TV broadcasts increased, and commercials began to run. Colour television has brought new experiences, and digital technology has led to a leap in video and audio quality.

However, smart or video-on-demand (VOD) television has become the catalyst for fundamental change, allowing shows to be rented not when they are shown, but when it is convenient for the viewer to rent movies, series and other content without leaving home.

Live watching

With modern TV, it doesn’t make sense to wait live for the start of a particular show, so people have stopped planning their evening on TV. True, there are a few exceptions. Eurovision, for example, is improving viewership records every year – but it’s a one-day event that has been cancelled altogether this year.

People are also more likely to watch live broadcasts of sporting events. Although, say, football fans “cut corners” and opt for accelerated viewing instead of waiting for 90 goals, watching the scoring episodes more closely.

In terms of total TV viewing time, only 40 per cent. it falls on live television. The popularity of regular TV is declining because it offers only two types of shows – the ones you haven’t started yet and the ones you haven’t started yet. Even people don’t watch live news shows anymore but turn on a little later to skip the news that isn’t relevant to them.



Experts note that not everyone is advertising today. On the other hand, the advertising of medicines, toys, or utensils repeated for the tenth time for all viewers is hardly effective. For an advertisement to work, it must be targeted, shown to those who may be actually interested in that product or service, and it must be interesting. Currently, individual advertising technologies are still in their infancy but are already moving in the direction of solutions and standards.

That is likely to be the future of TV advertising. For example, during a commercial break for a live basketball match, one viewer will see an advertisement for an electric car, another will see a range of innovations at a nearby bakery, and a dog-raising campaign will be offered to feed the dog. Interesting, useful advertising will be able to stop, view more detailed information or even order a service or product.

TV channels will become “content gadgets”

The other alternative is not to watch or rotate the ads, but to pay for the content. For example, rent a movie or subscribe to a subscription service, such as HBO, Netflix, or another.
The TV Solutions Expert predicts that the different platforms – free content with ads, purchased and subscribed content – will be merged in the long run, and current rebroadcasters will play the role of aggregators. People will have to choose what to watch, how to pay and what to pay for. These libraries will have their own content layout, menus, news presentations, and other attributes. In other words, channels will become “content gadgets.”

VR TV – for grandchildren

There has been a lot of talks lately about virtual reality (VR) and how it will change TV broadcasts, yet TV experts are talking cautiously about its future and considering that the fate of 3D TVs may await the current VR equipment – people will be disappointed.

When the 3D collapsed, experts explained that people did not want to wear extra glasses. Therefore, according to A. Klim, it is strange that after a while it was assumed that people would like a helmet on their heads. So while both technologies leave an impression for the first 10 minutes, they’re inconvenient to use all the time, at least for now.

On the other hand, other interesting technical solutions are already being developed in TV laboratories. For example, TV remotes recognize the user. However, they will reach consumers in a few years, as more work is needed to make them work reliably.

Of course, someday there will come a time for both 3D and VR television when watching a movie will make it difficult to separate what we see from reality. But I think there will be real times for VR, the keypad that recognizes you and intuitive advertising, unless our future grandchildren. And living here and now, it’s worth rejoicing in the kind of television we have today.

SDTM Dataset Impact On Business

SDTM Dataset Impact On Business

Utilising the latest technologies in order to develop their overall service offering is imperative in order to improve the company as a whole. Utilising SDTM Dataset is critical in order to ensure that businesses must do everything they can to keep on top of their employees and ensure that they are being as productive as they possibly can be. If businesses lose sight of the need for their company to keep on top of their employees this can see them encounter difficulties with regards to maintaining a high level of standard for their clients. However, it is critical that businesses keep their employees on board and are not too hard on clients.


SDTM Dataset

Introducing the SDTM dataset system into your company can be a challenging transition for businesses to be capable of developing. Employees may hear about an employee tracking tool and become increasingly concerned about the quality of their job experience. In modern society, people hate to see people constantly checking up on the quality of work which they are producing. As a result, it is critical for businesses to do everything they possibly can to make this transition as seamless as they possibly can. A gradual transition is imperative to ensure that employees do not begin to search for a more appropriate business to work for.

sdtm dataset

Appropriate Employers

Being an effective employer can regularly be seen as a particularly challenging task for businesses to be able to achieve. It is critical that companies are sensitive towards their employee’s emotions. Failure to appreciate that this transition to using Formedix systems may result in animosity from employees is very important for bosses to appreciate. Quality control checks can often be perceived as condescending to employees, as they believe they are being checked up on by employers. These systems must be introduced in a calm and collected manner to ensure that employees understand the reasoning for it.


Clear Communication

Clear communication from the hierarchy of business to the people at the bottom of the company is imperative in order to ensure that the company is successful. People at the bottom of a company must feel as if they are wanted, and if their employer is failing to clearly communicate that this is the case then people may become disgruntled in a very short period of time. This can result in people wanting to seek employment elsewhere for an employer who is much more relaxed and trustworthy.

sdtm dataset

Trusting Employer

Employers being trusting of their staff can make employees feel like a much bigger part of their company. People believing that they are capable of taking their company to the next level through increasing their trust in employees is an accurate belief to have. Employees are likely to increase their productivity if they believe that their employees believe in their abilities. If people are capable of increasing their productivity levels this can have a very positive impact on their company as a whole in the long term for their company.

Where to Go for Delightful and Affordable Mug Design in the UK

Mug design with pink half below with white writing "50% Mermaid" and top half white with pink writing "50% Unicorn"

Are you buying a gift for someone close to your heart? Are you struggling to even think of an appropriate present? We all have that someone in our lives who is the worst person to buy for. It’s usually your dad, or your grandparents or someone who wants for nothing. If a person has everything they need and everything they want, and they don’t have any significant hobbies that you could tie into their gift then it can be frustrating choosing a present. Luckily for the British, nearly everyone in the UK loves a cup of tea (or coffee), meaning a personalised mug is a classic gift that can’t go wrong. To learn where to go for delightful mug design that won’t break the bank, read on.

Mug design with humorous slogan for friends "Definitely an above average friend"

McLaggan Smith Mugs

McLaggan Smith Mugs, also known as MS Mugs, is a Scottish based company run by the McLaggan family since 1974. This award-winning business are the UK market leaders in the printing and decoration of bespoke and personalised bone china mugs. What makes MS Mugs so special is their broad stock range and their collaborations with some of the world’s best designers such as Orla Kiely and Sir Quentin Blake. The stock is regularly updated in order to keep a consistently fresh choice for customers.

Mug Design at MS Mugs

The designers working with MS Mugs are top of the range, providing witty, colourful, cute and iconic mugs that everyone can enjoy. All of the designs are screen printed and applied by hand before being fired up in traditional Scottish kilns. As a result, the mugs are of an extremely high quality. Adding to the printing process is the bone china mugs used at this renowned mug company. Bone china mugs are whiter than other are which allows the colours in the designs to appear brighter and sharper.

Mug design with pink background and a cartoon llama wiht "Drama Llama" written across the bottom.

Bespoke Designs

If there is nothing that takes your fancy from the eclectic collection at MS Mugs, you can opt for bespoke mug design. For over 40 years MS Mugs has produced high-quality mugs for customers who commission their own designs. Whether you have the entire artwork completely drawn out and ready to be printed or if you merely have an idea as to what you would like, this company can help you design your own mugs. Prices will of course vary depending on the design but you can use the simple quoting system on the company website. Delivery time for bespoke designs is 6-8 weeks however there is the option for a speedy service. If you are interested in this you should get in touch with the team directly.

Rare Whisky Prices | Most Collectable Rare Scotch Whiskies

rare whisky prices

When it comes to collecting whisky, a lot more people do it than you might think. Not everyone can afford a £30,000 bottle of whisky, but still, some people are willing to pay the high rare whisky prices to get some of the oldest and rarest whiskies in their collections.

This article will give you an idea of why rare whisky prices are so high, as well as a selection of some of the most sought-after and collectable Scotch whiskies on the market today.

rare whisky prices

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Upholsterers Glasgow | Bring New Life to Old and Unloved Furniture

Upholsterers Glasgow | Bring New Life to Old and Unloved Furniture

One look on Pinterest and you will know by now that upcycling is the thing to be doing at the moment. From turning colanders into hanging plant holders to painting literally everything copper, upcycling can bring new life into old, worn, and unloved items you have lying around the house. However, it doesn’t always have to be so crafty. Family heirlooms that need a touch of love can also be brought up to date with a bit of care and attention. In this case, find you nearest upholsterers Glasgow, as we would recommend leaving that to an expert!

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Gaming Careers | The Benefits of the Online Gambling Industry

Gaming Careers | The Benefits of the Online Gambling Industry

In the modern age of technology, everything is right at our fingertips, including online gambling. You don’t even have to step foot in a casino or betting agents in order to have a go on a slot machine, bet on sports or play poker with five strangers from around the world.

Online gambling is one of those things that you either approve of, or you don’t. Say what you want about it but there are many benefits that the online gambling industry has. A major one is the number of gaming careers that provide extra jobs – something much needed in this economy. Read on to find out what the benefits that online gambling can have when used responsibly.

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