7 Things to Do That Will Reduce Stress

We all find ourselves stressed out once in a while. Schoolwork might be overwhelming you, you may have been given more responsibility at work or more personal things such as falling out with a friend might be eating away at you. Letting this stress build up inside of you will cause your mood and outlook on life to deteriorate. By trying to reduce stress with these seven different activities you will allow yourself a much happier time in life:

·        Exercise

The body isn’t the only thing that will feel better after some physical activity. Your mind will reap the benefits as well. When you are exercising your brain will release a hormone called endorphins that help to relax you and reduce the stress levels in your body. So if you are feeling annoyed or worrying about something go improve your body and mind by doing some exercise.

·        Baking/Cooking

Why not get a tasty treat while you are helping reduce stress? Studies have found that women who go through a painful experience in life use baking/cooking as a coping mechanism. This reduces the stress that they feel whilst also making them feel better about themselves. The hard work that you put in is reflected by the reward (a dish or cake etc.) at the end that will help you improve your mood.

·        Daydreaming

By allowing your subconscious to take over you will picture yourself in the best possible way. Daydreaming can allow us to picture our ideal lives or what it would be like to have your dreams come true. This will clear and relax your mind meaning that the stress of whatever was weighing on it is released.

·        Spend Time with Your Pets

Playing with your pets is one of the best ways of reducing stress. Spending time with your dog or cat will allow you to feel the love and happiness that they bring you. It will take all your worries away and mean that you can have some stress free downtime.

·        Talk to Someone

Engaging in conversation with someone you care about is a simple but very effective way for you to reduce stress. You can be yourself around them and express feelings or ideas without having to worry about being judged.

·        Laugh to Reduce Stress

Start seeing the humour in things. This will make your life more enjoyable and make those stressful thoughts go away. So put on a comedy or just hang around with friends and let the humour flow – you’ll start feeling better almost instantly.

·        Go For a Sauna

Going to your local spa or gym and taking a sauna is a great way to reduce your stress. Sauna’s help loosen your body and mind while releasing the toxins within you. It will help you clear your head and allow you to focus on what’s really important – being happy.