How To Baby Proof Your Home

Safe Toys

When baby is at a stage when they can grasp and explore things, safe toys are essential. This is because they can be very curious and get into trouble easily. While babies are not able to reach doorknobs, they can climb on and open things. This is part of the development process, but it also creates unsafe situations in the home.

Unplugging Appliances

Unplugging appliances is a simple way to baby-proof your home, and it can also save energy. Keep all appliances out of reach of small children, especially small electronics. Also, make sure to cover hot appliances like stove knobs, microwaves, and hair appliances.

Blocking Access To Cords

Blocking access to cords is a crucial part of baby proofing your home. A child can tangle or choke on a loose cord or cable, and if they get it in their mouths, they can even get an electric shock. Be sure to secure your cords with cord wrap, roll them up, or tape them. You can also purchase cord covers to protect your child from these hazards.

Blocking Access To Windows

When it comes to baby proofing your home, blocking access to windows can be a good idea. You should ensure that the window is not in a child’s reach, and also make sure the window is securely locked. If the window has no latch, consider installing a screen to prevent small fingers from reaching the glass. For older children, you can consider installing sensors

Blocking Power Outlets

Blocking access to power outlets in your home is a good way to avoid potential injury to your baby. You can buy outlet covers to make it difficult for your child to reach them. These covers can come in many styles. Most of them have a non-grippy surface, so your child won’t be able to pull them out easily.