Life Improving Gadgets for Your Home

Who wouldn’t want life improving gadgets? While gadgets can be used for having fun – such as drones or video games – there are also some out there that will improve your life. You may feel as if technology is taking over our lives. This may be the case. But when you see these five gadgets you will see how life can be so much easier when you embrace the technology. Here are our picks for five of the best gadgets that will improve life around the home.

Wireless Phone Charging

How many of us have lost or broke our phone charger so many times that we’ve lost count? People are constantly asking to borrow them or spending what seems like an eternity untangling the wires. There are now a whole host of wireless phone charging products available that will make your life all that simpler. No longer will you need to sit right next the plug, as your phone will be charging without any of the hassle them pesky wires bring.

Winbot: Window Cleaning Robot

We have all seen the little robots that zoom around our homes and clean the carpets. But now there is also that alternative to one of the most annoying household chores: cleaning the windows. They can often be too high for us to reach or too big for us to be bothered. Simply stick the Winbot on the window and watch it clean away – so we don’t have to.

ResetPlug: Automatic Wi-Fi Re-setter

Nothing is worse than when you are browsing or streaming and your Wi-Fi goes out. You have to get up and go to the router, to turn it off and on again until you get that connection back. Simply plugging the router in through the ResetPlug will show you why it is a life improving gadgets. It monitors the signal from your router, if the connection is lost for a certain amount of time then it will turn your router off and on.

Amazon Echo

Our homes are getting smarter. Heating can be adjusted through an app, we have doorbells that have cameras on them. The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated personal assistant that can help us control the technology in our homes. Simply talk to the device and it will do as you say. You can even ask it things such as the news, weather and random trivia.

Life-Improving Gadgets: Nespresso Prodigio

We all love a coffee in the morning. But there is nothing more inconvenient than chilling on a Sunday morning but having to get out of bed to make the coffee. This machine is a smart coffee brewer that can be controlled through a smartphone app. This means you don’t have to get out of bed until your cup is ready. This might sound lazy but it is totally worth it.