Upholsterers Glasgow | Bring New Life to Old and Unloved Furniture

One look on Pinterest and you will know by now that upcycling is the thing to be doing at the moment. From turning colanders into hanging plant holders to painting literally everything copper, upcycling can bring new life into old, worn, and unloved items you have lying around the house. However, it doesn’t always have to be so crafty. Family heirlooms that need a touch of love can also be brought up to date with a bit of care and attention. In this case, find you nearest upholsterers Glasgow, as we would recommend leaving that to an expert!

DIY Upcycling Ideas

There are so many ideas out there for upcycling in the home so we have picked just three to give you a taste, and leave you with the inspiration to find some ideas that are right for you:

Upholsterers Glasgow

  1. Perfect for kids’ rooms, find yourself some blackboard paint or some stick-on base plates for a LEGO wall. With these tricks you can hide those ugly cupboards doors you have been wanting to change, and instead, give your child an outlet for creativity!
  2. If you have an old kitchen table that is past its best you can easily turn it into a stylish desk for a home office space. With a sand, polish and maybe even a sheet of Glasgow to sit on top- you could have a sleek new desk at a fraction of the price you would buy a new one for.
  3. Have any old, wooden boxes? Give them a fresh coat of paint and make sure they are sturdy and strong, then get them attached securely to the wall and you have some unique shelving storage to keep your living space both original and functional- while also saving you a trip to the skip!

These artsy activities are definitely a fun and effective way of doing some DIY and the house and completing upcycling while also using some of the belongings you have lying around. However, when you have something you care about but need to give it some love- it’s best to seek help from a specialist.

Upholsterers Glasgow: Consult A Specialist

Some things need a bit more than a couple of hours DIY on a day off. They need expert care from people who know what they are doing. For example, if you have an old but loved armchair that is desperately in need of re-upholstery, you will need to find some upholsterers Glasgow. This lets you relax in the fact that it’s going to be a quality finish and you don’t need to worry about damaging the piece of furniture. It also lets you have the item upholstered in a fabric or material you may not have been able to at home- for example trying to upholster a full 3-piece suite in real leather.

Upholsterers Glasgow

A combination of both home efforts and a call to your local experienced upholsterers is the best bet for a quality finish in your home.